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Buy #: 384507_01  
Solicitation #: HSTS02-12-Q-CAN062B
Buy Description : Explosives
Category : 13 -- Ammunition and Explosives
Sub Category : 1376 -- Bulk Explosives
NAICS : 325920 -- Explosives Manufacturing
SAM Contract Opportunity : Yes (If Yes, buys prior to 11/2019 were posted to FBO)
Set-Aside Requirement : Small Business
Buyer : DHS Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
End Date : 08/13/2012
End Time : 12:00 ET
Seller Question Deadline: No Seller Question Deadline Set
Delivery: 15 Day(s) - Required (No. of calendar days after receipt of order (ARO) by which Buyer requires Seller to deliver)
Repost Reason : Add FAR clause
Please Note: Repost Reason is provided as a courtesy only. Sellers are responsible for reviewing and complying with all Buy Specifications regardless of Repost Reason.

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Line Item(s)

Item No Description Qty Unit
001 A-5 Flake RDX 700 LB
002 High Density Ammonium Nitrate 700 LB

Bidding Requirements

Open Market bids are accepted in this solicitation; however, please refer to the specifications below, including 'Set-Aside Requirement' provision, for additional requirements. Sellers must not bid more than their applicable contract ceiling price, excluding the FedBid Fee, for contract-specific items.
The Buyer requires that Sellers bid 'exact match to spec'. That means that NO SUBSTITUTIONS are allowed. Sellers MUST provide the item requested in the line item description (exact make, model, part number and or description). If you are not able to deliver the line item as requested, DO NOT BID. Please advise the Buyer of issues through our 'Submit a Question' button.
The Buyer is requiring that any rebid must be lower than the 'current bid price' by this amount. The reduction is based on the total order and must be satisfied within the rebid minimum.
Buyer intends to issue award using a purchase order or delivery order. Bids from Sellers unable to accept purchase orders or delivery orders will not be considered for award.
This solicitation is a Small Business set-aside and only qualified Sellers can bid.
Buyers and Sellers agree to conduct this transaction through FedBid in compliance with the FedBid Terms of Use. Failure to comply with the below terms and conditions may result in offer being determined as non-responsive.
Sellers understand that FedBid ranks all Bids by price; however, pursuant to applicable acquisition regulations and/or departmental guidelines, Buyers may use criteria other than price to evaluate offers. Accordingly, please note that, unless otherwise specified in the Buy Terms, below, to the extent required by applicable regulations and/or guidelines, award will be made to the responsible Seller whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Buyer on the basis of price, technical capability, delivery, and past performance.
Interested offerors must submit any questions concerning the solicitation at the earliest time possible to enable the buyer to respond. Questions can be submitted by using the 'Submit a Question' button. Questions not received within a reasonable time prior to close of the solicitation may not be considered.
Unless otherwise specified in the Buy Terms, below, Bid must be good for 30 calendar days after close of Buy and shipping must be free on board (FOB) destination CONUS (Continental U.S.)

Buy Terms

Name Description
TSA Standard Term 1 In the event this procurement is a total small business set-aside, the following shall apply: For small business set-asides other than for construction or services, any concern proposing to furnish a product that it did not itself manufacture must furnish the product of a small business manufacturer unless the SBA has granted either a waiver or exception to the nonmanufacturer rule. In industries where the SBA finds that there are no small business manufacturers, it may issue a waiver to the nonmanufacturer rule. In addition, SBA has excepted procurements processed under simplified acquisition procedures, where the anticipated cost of the procurement will not exceed $25,000, from the nonmanufacturer rule. Waivers permit small businesses to provide any firm's product.
TSA Standard Term 1 (Continued) Please see FAR 19.502-2 for more information and exceptions. For this procurement, the associated North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code is 325920 with a small business size standard of 750 employees / average annual receipts."
Buy American Act 52.225-1 -- Buy American Act—Supplies is incorparated by reference Buy American Act – Supplies (Feb 2009)
Question & Answer from bidders 1. LI 002 High Density Ammonium Nitrate, 700lbs - Will you take Commercial grade ammonium nitrate? No, commercial grade is not acceptable. 2. Is an industrial grade (blasting) prill acceptable for the AN? Yes, the industrial grade blasting prill is acceptable. 3. Is MIL-DTL-14970 standard okay for the A-5? Yes, as long as it is Class 2 Composition A-5. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Our supplier provides High Density Ammonium Nitrate in 35 pound pails. Does it still need to be bagged inside the pail and is this acceptable? Yes, it still needs to be bagged. Yes, the pail is acceptable as long as it is bagged. 2. Our supplier has A-5 RDX in powder form and we are not aware of it being available in a flake form. Is the powder form acceptable? Yes, as long as it is Class 2 Composition A-5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. LI 001 A-5 Flake RDX, 700lbs The Flakes comes 40lbs per case, will you take 17 case at 680lbs, or do you want 18 case at 720lbs? 18 Cases

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